newark print shop

i just finished a 6 month residency at the newark print shop. each wednesday i worked at their print club
“The Newark Print Shop’s PRINT CLUB is a weekly open studio for artists of all levels to come and make art together. Inspired by a flier at the Newark Public Library for a past print club,NPS Print Club was created to revive the interest in the fine art of printmaking in the city of Newark.”
every saturday i worked in the shop helping members and visitors print. over the past six months i learned a lot and developed a new project- because the years went so fast and the days so slowly- and finished two zines- since youve been gone i can do wahatever i want and i’ve got a gut feeling.

fat gives things flavor

_gaia studio presents “Fat Gives Things Flavor. JC”New work by Agnieszka Wszolkowska and Melissa MacAlpin on March 4,2016 from 6:00 –11:00 pm
315 3rd Street,Jersey City,New Jersey


_gaia is a collective of women artists and activists creating art,events and opportunities in the visual and media arts,performance and design. Its members actively promote and support the work of local women artists while developing programs that encourage collaboration and create community to help emerging artists in need of studio space,facilities and resources. In pursuit of raising awareness _gaia concentrates on activism,from issues in the local community and the art world to global issues affecting the lives of women.

The Artists:
Melissa MacAlpin
Sarah Nelson Wright
Lillian Ribeiro
Kate Eggleston
Cathleen Marie Thérèse Parra
Stephanie Tichenor
Claudia McNulty
Panda Suwann
Alyssa Lawler
Jacquelyn Strycker

Curated by Meredith Goncalves &Doris Cacoilo

society of illustrators

thank you Pablo Medinaand Christine DaCruz!

ornaments for 2014

i am always paying attention to the wrong things

terrarium night!!!

my friend tim,owner of jc aquaria,and i collaborated on a terrarium class at one of my favorite jersey city shops- kanibal home
tim taught 17 students how to make beautiful terrariums –i created an instruction manual.
kristen from kanibal provided fantastic autumn themed cocktails and cookies for all who attend.

terrarium workshop at Kanibal Home in Jersey City

getting ready for halloween

painting some neighborhood friends