obviously the greatest sculpture of all time

The super dig at Sterling Mine

there is one man that always calms me down during a stressful day . . .

my students presented their senior show on Monday

This is from an interactive piece- so funny

a night at _gaia

The boys

So many good looking people

Odie rebranded for the show

The nights soundtrack purchased at the A&P

such a nice weekend

Especially when Nat Zaro played this!!!!!

more jersey drawings

Jersey City Independant

Brendan Carroll wrote a piece about me for the Jersey City Independant!

Find the full interview here

More awesome Jersey City Art- Kayt Hester

Jersey City artist Kayt Hester is creating some awesome work for Swiss Army NYC,NJ and Boston. It is beautiful!

Check out more of her work here:kaythester.com/

Agnieszka Wszolkowski

Last night I had a great homemade authentic Polish dinner with one of my favorite Jersey City artists Agnieszka Wszolkowski. She gave me this beautiful painting for my apartment. I love it! Check out more of her work at agnieszka-wszolkowski.com

Some early visitors