newark print shop

i just finished a 6 month residency at the newark print shop. each wednesday i worked at their print club “The Newark Print Shop’s PRINT CLUB is a weekly open studio for artists of all levels to come and make art together. Inspired by a flier at the Newark Public Library for a past [...]

fat gives things flavor

_gaia studio presents “Fat Gives Things Flavor. JC”New work by Agnieszka Wszolkowska and Melissa MacAlpin on March 4,2016 from 6:00 –11:00 pm 315 3rd Street,Jersey City,New Jersey


#gallery-1{margin:auto;} #gallery-1 .gallery-item{float:left;margin-top:10px;text-align:center;width:25%;} #gallery-1 img{border:2px solid #cfcfcf;} #gallery-1 .gallery-caption{margin-left:0;} _gaia is a collective of women artists and activists creating art,events and opportunities in the visual and media arts,performance and design. [...]

_gaia @ city hall

the talented christine dacruz organized a great show for _gaia at city hall. #gallery-2{margin:auto;} #gallery-2 .gallery-item{float:left;margin-top:10px;text-align:center;width:50%;} #gallery-2 img{border:2px solid #cfcfcf;} #gallery-2 .gallery-caption{margin-left:0;} TEN Works by current _gaia members as part of a celebration [...]

Jersey City Independant

Brendan Carroll wrote a piece about me for the Jersey City Independant!

Find the full interview here

Some early visitors

illuminated manuscripts


New work at _Gaia this Friday

“Then you,my dear friend,are a damn fool”and other illuminated manuscripts

Throughout history,illuminated manuscripts were a way of reassessing important stories,commemorating words in vibrant colors and gilded gold pages. The end results were unique and beautiful,and made the people reading these stories feel more connected to them. In contemporary [...]

New News is Old News exhibition at The Gowanus Studio Space

WONDER WOMEN RETELL THE NEWS New News is Old News exhibition at The Gowanus Studio Space November 11 – November 25,2011 The Gowanus Studio Space 166 7th Street,Brooklyn,NY,11215 Gallery hours:Thursday – Sunday 3pm-8pm and by appointment

Opening Reception:Friday November 11,2011,7pm – 10pm

_gaia together with its [...]

installing show at Gowanus Studio Space

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